A litter with Red Rotties

In early May of 2001 we were sent the pictures you see below, and they speak for themselves. We have chosen to put these pictures up for information purposes, since most people never will see a Red Rottie in the flesh. Please do not bother to flame us on the subject; we believe it to be ignorance in the extreme to pretend Red Rotties never happen and not showing pictures of them will make them go away. People should have an opportunity to view these pictures of this rare occurance, recognizing that past and present Rottweiler breed standards the world over, view any other body colour than the Black and Tan/Mahogany combo as a major fault and most Kennel Clubs will not knowingly register these aberrant colours.

We wish to make it abundantly clear that we DO NOT have this litter, nor have we seen it for that matter, nor are we likely to because of the great distance between us and the breeders. The only thing we can tell you at this point is that the identity of the breeder of this litter will remain anonymous. She tells us the following in her first email to us: "Just wanted to show you what came out of my last litter of pups. The pups are not inbred, in fact, I got the bitch in Oklahoma and the stud in Arkansas. I have no idea what happened and I don't care really. They are beautiful and they are purebred. Just wanted to let you know that reds can happen. I never seen one until this last litter."

As we get more pictures as this litter ages, we will post them on our site, along with whatever other details we learn. The pups are 16 days old in these first four shots and of the red ones there are 3 bitches and 2 dogs. Click on any picture for a larger version of that picture.

red litter1 red litter 2

Here they are at about 25 days old.

Mom and pups

The breeder has kept back one of the red bitches and calls her "Ryeann", she and her sister "Rusty" can be seen on the next page.

Since this page was first put up we received pictures of another litter with 4 red pups and 4 black and tan pups. The pictures of this Yorkshire litter first came to us back in September of 2020, with more following in February 2021. You will find this litter from Yorkshire on this page.

For a bit more info on Red Rotties, go to our main Red Rottie page.