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for February 2006

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Date: 12:54, 2nd February, 2006
From: angela and paytah
Where do you live: netherlands
Your website:
Favourite page on our site:doggie humor
Referred by:Search Engine
Comments: Great site

Date: 15:06, 4th February, 2006
From: Lizzy
Comments: It's my first visit to your website. After just a quick browse, I'm really impressed!

Date: 10:19, 13th February, 2006
From: Nicola
Where do you live: Birmingham, England
Favourite page on our site:ALL of them
Referred by:Search Engine
Comments: I loved this website, I have a rottie and was just browsing Google, this web site brightened up a dull day at work and has made me giggle, especially some of the cartoons. As I read some of the statements and stories, I pictured my 6 month old rottie doing the same, such as barking at the neighbours, then rolling over for fuss when she meets them face to face.

This web site is brilliant, I loved it, I read it page to page, and I can just see the dogs declaring all of what you have said

Well done, its fantastic!

Date: 09:52, 14th February
From: Mark Prodrick
Where do you live: Ontario, New York
Favourite page on our site:Enjoyed entire site
Referred by:Friend
Comments: As the happy owner of two fabulous Rotts myself, your site was not only informative but also humorous.